An apprenticeship may be right for you if…

  1. You are new to a volunteer services role
  2. You are ready to move to a different role in volunteer services
  3. You need significant new skills to support your existing job in volunteer services
  4. You wish to progress from your existing role

To be an apprentice you must be….

  1. Employed
  2. Age 16+ (no upper age limit)
  3. Live in England

Available apprenticeships

There are lots of apprenticeships to choose from, depending on the role you currently hold and the skills you need to develop. Always choose an apprenticeship that will stretch you and that holds significant new learning, even if it is to support you in an existing role.

The right apprenticeship for you may have a title that is different to the one you expect to find, for example there is not an apprenticeship called ‘volunteer service manager’. However, the apprenticeships below have been identified as containing a range of skills that can be applied to volunteer services.

This list is not exhaustive. You can explore more available apprenticeships here


If you need less than 12-months of development to grow the required new skills then an apprenticeship may not be right for you and you should explore the other short courses available on the site.