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Welcome to the National Learning Hub for Volunteering. Here you can find resources to support you whether you are a volunteer, or work within the team supporting volunteering in your organisation.

To access and complete the e-learning modules, please follow this link:

In these challenging times, it is fantastic to see so many volunteers, and the staff that support them, helping health and care services.

As volunteers, your safety is paramount, which is why we have pulled together guidance and learning so you can: continue to volunteer where it is safe to do so; prepare for volunteering when the risks are reduced, and continue to learn and develop your knowledge and experience.

We know that as teams supporting volunteering you also have learning needs and we want to support you in developing the skills that will help you make volunteering the best it can be.

So register and log onto our hub to find resources to support your learning whether you are new to volunteering or experienced. You will find a full programme of free education from a number of providers including COVID-19 materials accessible via our partners at e-Learning for Healthcare.

Once you are ready to complete the learning modules for the NVC, you will need to register onto the E-Learning for Health platform via this link:

For any queries, please contact the volunteering team at HEE: [email protected]


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During the Covid-19 pandemic, volunteers, and the staff that manage them, are  a vital support to health and care

For volunteers who are ready to help, and are waiting to start with an organisation, you can start your preparation by working towards the National Volunteer Certificate.  You will be able to complete free e-learning linked to the National Volunteer Standards. More details are available once you log into the hub.

For volunteers already supporting organisations with your time, you will find refresher sessions on roles and responsibilities and infection prevention and control reminding you of the importance of protecting yourself and others.  There are also sessions aimed at specific volunteering roles, and those focused on broader health and wellbeing topics.

For those of you who are already volunteers, but have been asked to shield or self-isolate, there are courses and links here for you to help you to keep your mind and body active.

Volunteer Managers, you and your teams will also benefit from accessing the hub.  Once you register, you will find a self assessment to establish where you are in your learning journey and links to sessions and courses that can support and develop your skills.

NHS Health Education England

The National Learning Hub for Volunteering is the result of great minds coming together with shared aspirations for the future of volunteering in health and care. Volunteers, Voluntary Services Managers and Third Sector partners in collaboration with Health Education England (HEE) and the NHS, have developed National Standards to connect those involved in health and care volunteering with training and education opportunities; because we all believe in the power of volunteering.


“The new National Learning Hub for Volunteering is a real game changer and a fantastic tool that encourages the development of volunteer management professionals.  It provides am opportunity to improve their skills and support their personal development, it also offers volunteers the chance to access quality training and work towards an accredited National Volunteer Certificate. The learning hub will provide much needed support to all areas of health and social care volunteering.”

Barry Pridmore, Volunteer Manager at the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

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Expand your skills and knowledge and open the door to new opportunities by working towards the National Volunteer Certificate.


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Continue your professional development with our Self-assessment Tool – a time to reflect on your achievements and identify future training needs and opportunities.


Useful courses

If you are new to the world of volunteering these introductory courses might be useful to you.

What are the benefits of volunteering?

A short article which talks about the benefits of volunteering. There are also other activities on the page which will help you see the value in volunteering.

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Introducing the voluntary sector

This is an introductory course which explores the wider voluntary sector. If you have limited time you may want to specifically look at weeks 2, 6, 7, 8 which are particularly relevant to you as a volunteer.

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The NHS Explained: How the Health System in England Really Works

This is a short course which explains the English health system. The course does not run all of the time but you can set up an email alert for the next available presentation.

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